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Straw Hat Farm


We love our poultry and are blessed by the eggs and meat they provide us. We selected our poultry based on their ability to provide eggs, meat or both. Our chickens free range and enjoy all that nature has to offer them. If you are looking to purchase poultry, then please visit our availability page for availability and pricing.

We currently have a wide range of poultry. Our top Rooster is a Light Brahma. Our hens are: barred rocks, Easter Eggers, buff orpingtons, Egyptian fayoumis, welsummers, speckled sussex, cream legbars, and light brahmas.

Barred Rock

These girls are beautiful. They consistently lay a brown egg and have a wonderful personality. Very easy going chickens that are fun to be around. 

Easter Egger

These girls lay beautiful green eggs of various shades. They are friendly and personable. These girls are one of our favorite breeds! 


We love our bantams. They make wonderful pets and provide us with hours of entertainment. They do lay a tiny egg which the kids love to find and the roosters little crow is endearing. We have Modern Game Bantams and Cochin Bantams. 

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