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Straw Hat Farm

Livestock Guardian Dogs


Bernard is our handsome and sweet LGD. He protects our goats from any threat and loves our family. He smiles all the time and is a joy to be around. We all enjoy hanging out with him and the goats. Bernard is 50% Anatolian and 50% Great Pyrenees. 


Nickie is are loving and energetic LGD. She is an Anatolian/Great Pyrenees. She is an excellent LGD and loves her goats and people. 

Nickie had puppies January 9, 2017. She had 7 puppies (4 boys and 3 girls). Bernard is the sire. The puppies are beautiful like their parents and very intelligent. They will be wonderful LGD.  


Sola is our sweet happy go lucky girl. She takes her job of guarding the bucks very seriously. Sola is Bernard and Nickie's puppy that grew up into a wonderful LGD. She is a joy to be around and she loves her family. 


Victor is our serious boy. He is quick to respond to any threat to his goats. He loves his family and will always take time to love on us. Victor is one of Nickie and Bernard's puppies that grew up to be a hard working LGD.


Champ is our Farm LGD. He protects his family, guineas, and any other animals we happen to have in the farm yard. He is a big boy but he always has time to stop and give the littlest a hug. Champ is one of Nickie and Bernard's puppies.

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