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Straw Hat Farm


ADGA Registered Purebred 


Pearline is a friendly girl who is an easy keeper and heavy milker. She has large orifices, soft skin, and is a joy to milk. She had a single buckling on her first freshening. He was retained. Pearline had twin does in February 2020 for her second freshening. Her second freshening udder is beautiful.She has a high wide escutcheon with excellent lateral attachments, and a beautiful fore udder. Her daughters are stunning just like their mother.  

Wings & Caprines TM Pearl ADGA ID:L1857979

D.O.B 3/7/2017

S:MLRT Taipan ADGA ID: L1769362

D:Candlelight JRMY Mariah ADGA ID: L1691161


April is a sweet loving girl just like her dam. We love her dam so much (sweet personality and a heavy producer) we decided to retain her daughter.

Straw Hat Farm April registration in progress

D.O.B. 3/24/21

D: Wings & Caprines TM Pearl ADGA ID:L1857979



Charlie is our extremely friendly and handsome boy. He always comes to say "Hi" and loves to follow us around. Charlie has strong general appearance and dairy strength. Charlie's sired four beautiful does for us his first year at Straw Hat Farm. His daughters went to their first show as kids in May 2019. They placed both first and second place in their class. We are excited to see how his offspring mature. 

Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy ADGA ID:L1889153

D.O.B 4/20/2017

S: Kopy Kat Mountain Mans Legacy ADGA ID:L1789081

D:Welshans-Acres Spur Janelle ADGA ID:L1769697


Teddy is a sweet and friendly buck. We are excited about the genetics he brings to our farm.


DOB 2/27/2020


D: Candlelight WASJ Allure

ADGA Registered Grade 

Our grade does are from extremely heavy milk lines with excellent confirmation and dairy strength.These does are highly valued by us because of the amount of milk they produce. We use high quality registered bucks so that each generation will become closer to American and Purebred status. 

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea comes from heavy milk lines. She has a soft udder and is easy to milk. Sweet Pea had twin does on her first kidding. She is a beautiful goat with dairy strength and a joy to have in our heard. 

Wings & Caprines TM Sweet Pea ADGA ID:GL1865172

D.O.B. 2/28/2017

S: MLRT Taipan ADGA ID: L1769362

D: The Silly Millie ADGA ID:GL1857589


Hannah is a sweet girl who loves her people. She is a gentle goat from heavy milk lines. We are excited about what she will add to our herd.

Straw Hat Farm Hannah: Registration in progress

D.O.B. 2/13/21

D: Wings & Caprines TM Sweet Pea ADGA ID:GL1865172

S: Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy ADGA ID:L1889153 

ADGA Experimental


Cici is our heard queen. She loves her people more than the other goats. Cici's structure is beautiful. She is easy to milk because of her large teets and orifices. Cici has a gorgeous udder with a high and wide escutcheon, and strong lateral attachments. She has produced many beautiful kids which have been both retained and sold. 

Busy-B&D Cici's Cecilia ADGA ID:E1681524

25% Lamancha 75% Alpine D.O.B. 3/21/2014

S:Busy-B&D OD TAF Regan ADGA ID:AA1679885

D:Busy-B&D Comet's Cici ADGA ID:E1574127


Ivy is a spunky girl who loves to jump and play. We love her dam and sire and are looking forward to watching her mature.

Straw Hat Farm Ivy: Registration in progress

D.O.B. 2/16/21

D: Busy-B&D Cici's Cecilia ADGA ID:E1681524


Reference Goats

We no longer have the following goats. Most have moved to a new farm. They are listed here for reference.


Sophia is a friendly girl who loves to have her head scratched. She went to her first ADGA show in Rocky Mount in May 2019. Sophia placed second in a large Junior Class. Sophia freshened February 12, 2021 with twins. At 4 weeks fresh she is producing 9lbs of milk (over 1 gallon) a day.

Straw Hat Farm Sophia ADGA ID: E2013638

38% Alpine 63% Lamancha D.O.B. 3/3/2019

S: Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy ADGA ID:L1889153

D: Busy-B&D Cici's Cecilia ADGA ID:E1681524